Our Story

The origin of Mon Petitou

Cleo eating foodThe story of Mon Petitou dates back to 1990 when a little kid was born in the region of West-Flanders, Belgium. Growing up to the moment of eating solid food with a spoon for the first time, the main feeding challenges for every parent appeared: not being able to sit still and food splashing all over the place as a consequence. It was at that moment that the mother of the child thought of the idea to make her own baby bibs. With a better fit, covering more parts of the shoulders, sides and legs and more sustainable in order to not throw away after a few times being used.

Fast forward 30 years in time was a grandchild ready for her very first moment of eating solid food. Her grandmother started making these comfortable bibs again making sure she only wears the best bib during these challenging moments. But this time bamboo fabric was added, giving it a super soft and luxurious feel and on top having the benefit of being antibacterial in a natural way. Today, the grandchild and her friends are the smiling faces behind the handmade bibs of Mon Petitou.

And yes, that 90’s kid was me. The creater of the idea? My mother!


Why bamboo fabric?


 Bamboo is the basic element of our Mon Petitou bibs.   It’s a sustainable source as it is one of the few   inexhaustible raw materials in the world. The bamboo plant grows everywhere, on marginal land where no other crops can grow. Did you know bamboo can grow 1 meter per day? The plant needs little to no water, and is therefore one of the answers to the increasing water scarcity. And on top of this it doesn’t need pesticides. It produces a substance that counteracts diseases and pests.

The benefits of our bamboo bibs:

  • Natural fabric: with bamboo fabric we guarantee a more sustainable product.
  • Incredibly soft: bamboo is finer and softer than most fabrics and has a luxurious feel.
  • Antibacterial: our bamboo fabric is anti-fungal and antibacterial keeping your little one fresh all day.
  • Highly comfortable: the fit wears easily and the fabric gives it a soft touch
  • Highly breathable: the bamboo fabric keeps it more airy, no need to sweat
  • Stays fresh longer: due to its antibacterial properties, bamboo is odor free.

Our purpose

Mon Petitou believes that every child deserves the basic essentials during their first months and years: clothing, nutrition and hygiene.

Our vision

Mon Petitou provides safe and exceptionally hygienic baby clothing protecting them while consuming their meals.

Our mission

Mon Petitou strives to make mother loving and sustainable clothing for your little everything.


Simplicity, superior quality, protecting the family